Expanding Foam

fi innovations offers specialist expertise in high-tech mobile foam injection machines, which can be utilised at our site or yours.

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Buoyancy Injection

Foam filling the side pontoons or underfloor compartments of a boat adds emergency buoyancy for increased safety.

It also provides additional benefits including a quieter ride and more structural support for the floors and flat panels.

We have the equipment and expertise to safely inject expanding polyurethane foam, without compromising your hull or releasing toxic gases.


Expanding foam is an ideal material to insulate chillers, freezers, engine rooms and boat hulls. It provides rigid, waterproof, sound-deadening and thermal insulation.

Our team have experience working on a range of industrial sites, with safety and minimising disruption to business operations being high priorities.


Expanded polyurethane foam is easily carved and sanded into fantastic sculptures and artworks.

You dream up the concept – we’ll spray the foam ready for you to shape.