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The fi innovations Additive Manufacturing Centre offers industry-leading capability. We can 3D manufacture end-use products and prototypes from a wide variety of plastics.

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Production Parts

Cost-effective short-run manufacture of strong, functional end-use parts.

Rapid Prototyping

Quickly create prototypes or models. Easily improve an earlier prototype by changing aspects of its design.

Plugs and Moulds

3D print plugs or moulds, which can then be used to manufacture products from a wide selection of resin materials, including clear or coloured urethane, fibreglass or carbon fibre.


Slash the cost and time required to make sand-casting patterns for your metal foundry.


3D print jigs to ensure accurate alignment of parts, save assembly time or calibrate equipment.

You are welcome to use our online portal to submit your files for 3D printing. If you require further information, please download the relevant Specification sheets or contact our design team to discuss your needs.


Our Additive Manufacturing Centre has the ability to 3D print a variety of plastics using three different technologies: Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Stereolithography (SLA) or Digital Light Processing (DLP).

SLS: Selective Laser Sintering

Our ProX 6100 SLS industrial 3D printer additively manufactures rapid prototypes and strong end-use parts, while saving time and money.

It produces tough, durable parts from production-grade nylon materials, with a maximum build volume of 381 x 330 x 460mm.

An excellent surface finish, high resolution and edge definition, high accuracy and repeatability and uniform part properties are all benefits offered by this machine.

SLS 3D printing is typically used to produce:

  • Impact and temperature-resistant durable parts
  • Covers, housings and enclosures
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Reduced-weight production parts
  • Knobs, handles and other dashboards/interior parts
  • Parts with snap-fits, springs, axles and living hinges
  • Machinery components
  • Complex duct work

DuraForm ProX PA nylon-12 is our standard material.

DuraForm ProX PA datasheet

Other DuraForm nylon-12 materials are available on request, but a change-over fee usually applies.

DuraForm HST Composite datasheet

SLA: Stereolithography

Our ProX 800 SLA industrial 3D printer additively manufactures prototypes, casting patterns, thermoforming moulds and production parts. It represents the gold standard in accuracy and offers unrivalled precision and surface quality.

The maximum build volume is 750 x 650 x 550mm. We can print your parts in a variety of materials, selected according to the final application.

SLA 3D printing is suitable for making:

  • Master patterns for vacuum casting
  • Sacrificial patterns for metal casting
  • Tools, moulds and dies
  • Functional prototypes and models
  • High clarity, transparent parts
  • Complex assemblies
  • Wind tunnel models
  • Rapid production of flow test rigs
  • Mass customisation (orthodontic, dental)
  • Custom assembly jigs and fixtures

SLA materials:

Accura Xtreme datasheet

Accura Clearvue datasheet

DLP: Digital Light Processing

Our Figure 4 Standalone ultra-fast, DLP industrial 3D printer produces gives rapid, same-day prototyping and cost-effective, low-volume production runs for a range of product applications.

It uses non-contact membrane printing to create products and parts from a wide range of plastic resins, and a light-based UV process to cure these in minutes, not hours. Its maximum build volume is 125 x 70 x 196mm.

DLP 3D printing is ideal for:

  • Replacement of traditional moulding and cast urethane processes
  • Rapid functional prototyping and fast concept models
  • Rapid tooling – creating moulds and master patterns
  • Investment casting patterns for jewellery
  • Short-run production of plastic items
  • End-use durable plastic parts
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Elastomeric parts – prototypes of grommets, seals, hoses, weatherstripping, tubes, gaskets, spacers and other vibration-dampening components
  • Medical applications requiring biocompatibility and/or thermal resistance

Read our article 5 Key Benefits of DLP 3D Printing

DLP materials:

Pro Black 10 datasheet

Flex Black 10 datasheet

Hi Temp 300 datasheet

J Cast Green datasheet

Med White datasheet

Rubber 65 datasheet

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Order 3D Printing

Use our online ordering system to get a quote or place an order for 3D printed products.

You’ll need to upload your 3D model and provide some additional specifications to outline your requirements.

Based on the information you provide, our team will advise the best 3D printing process to meet your needs.

Order or get a quote for 3D printing

You are welcome to use our online portal to submit your files.... download the relevant Specification sheets or contact our production team to discuss your needs.