Polymer Resin Casting

fi innovations has the expertise and equipment to cast complex parts from tough urethane, silicone and other polymers.

We offer a range of resin options for different applications.

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Cast Urethane

Urethane casting resin can be a great option to produce many different products. A range of grades is available, from gooey "gummy bear" flexibility to rigid "safety hat" hardness.

Its qualities are impressive: urethane is shock absorbent, tough, non-conductive and can be fire resistant (rated to UV 94V-0). It is available in a broad range of colours or crystal clear.

Typical applications for cast urethane include:

  • Industrial: flexible, shock-absorbent handles and bumper pads
  • Automotive: air vents and flexible mounts
  • Aerospace: moulded bearings and lightweight displays
  • Electronics: water or dust seals and robot parts
  • Architectural: building decorations
  • Art: sculptures and figurines

Cast Silicone

Silicone is an ideal material for making flexible moulds and parts.

Silicone casting resins can reproduce fine detail and, unlike rigid moulds, can cope with under-cuts.

Typical applications for silicone casting resins include:

  • Medical: training aids and orthotics
  • Construction: concrete moulds
  • Architecture: moulds for replica decorations
  • Art: sculptures and figurines
  • Dramatic arts, film and television: makeup, prosthetics, props and costumes
  • Craft: candle moulds, model making and taxidermy
  • Food: chocolate moulds and butter sculptures

Over-Moulded 3D Parts

We can create and apply post-production, flexible overlays onto 3D printed parts.

Our team will design and print a 3D over-mould. The plastic part is inserted into this, then silicone or urethane resin is injected to complete the flexible overlay.

Over-moulding can eliminate the need for secondary assembly, providing cost savings. It can also be done in a range of colours to provide aesthetically pleasing results.

Typical applications for over-moulding include:

  • Providing specific textures, such as ‘soft touch’ hand grips
  • Minimising or eliminating sharp edges on a product
  • Adding waterproof or shock-absorbing properties to a product, for example, to protect sensitive electronic components
  • Adding other properties, such as insulation or chemical resistance
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River Tables

River tables provide a usable surface with a view-through to woodgrain, stones or other textures, while the translucent epoxy replicates the appearance of a body of water. We have experience creating everything from unique competition trophies though to stunning countertops for home kitchens and workshop benches for the man cave.

Customise your article with a choice of clear, coloured or metallic resins.

Possible applications include:

  • Tabletops, bars and coffee tables
  • Washbasins and kitchen countertops
  • Bowls, cheeseboards and platters
  • Plaques and trophies

Crystal-Clear Embedding

We produce crystal-clear resin casts with items embedded inside, providing maximum visibility, while protecting the product beneath. Translucent, metallic and coloured resins are also available.

Typical applications for clear resin casting include:

  • Preserving insects, plants and delicate objects for display
  • Artistic lighting, ornaments