Industrial Coatings

fi innovations applies specialist industrial coatings and tough waterproof membranes, designed to suit many different industrial, commercial and residential applications.

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fi innovations’ technicians are qualified applicators for a range of quality waterproofing products.

We can help you decide which waterproofing solution will best meet your needs for your existing or new floor, or even other areas such as:

  • Decks and patios
  • Internal guttering and roofs
  • Block and concrete walls
  • Plywood and plaster
  • Water tanks and tunnels

Swimming Pools

We specialise in sealing, restoring and repairing in-ground concrete swimming pools in domestic and commercial settings. Our extensive experience includes new private pools in Central Otago, community pools in rural Southland and large city pools. Let us create an attractive and functional pool surface for you.

Our services include:

  • Apply waterproof linings to new concrete pools or spa pools
  • Refurbish old pools
  • Apply non-slip decorative coatings to walkways, seating and change areas

For re-lining, re-coating or repairing fibreglass pools, and for pool accessories, see our Fibreglass section.

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Chemical Linings

Specialist polymer resin linings provide excellent protection against corrosion and chemical attack. They create a seamless protective lining that adheres strongly to the substrate, is tough and extremely hard-wearing.

These linings are ideal for use on concrete or metal substrates where corrosion proofing and chemical resistance is required, such as:

  • Bundings
  • Chemical and secondary containment
  • Tank linings

Flooring and Industrial Coating Products

We are approved applicators for a wide range of flooring and industrial coating products from reputable international brands such as Sika, Degadur, Armafloor, Flowcrete, Polishshield and Enduragrip.

Roading and Civil Engineering

We’re approved applicators of resin-based coloured and high-friction surfacing treatments for all classes of roads and highways.

These include solutions for:

  • Municipal and transit roads
  • Cycle lanes
  • Footpaths
  • Traffic islands
  • Car parks